Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my plate?

HoneybeeTn is required by the Tennessee Department of Revenue to pre-order 1,000 plates before they are officially put into production. Once the plates go into production, the department estimates it will be 4-6 months before the plates arrive at local county clerk offices across Tennessee. The Department of Revenue will notify you when your plate is ready for pickup at your local county clerk’s office.

My plate isn’t expired yet; may I still pre-order a plate?

Yes! You may pre-order a new plate at anytime before your current plate expires. Your renewal will be due one year from the date you pick up your plate at your local county clerk’s office.

What happens if my current plate registration expires before my new plate arrives?

You should renew your plate registration with your local county clerk before your registration expires just like you have in the past. When your new plate arrives at your county clerk’s office, you may switch to your new plate at that time. The fee to renew your registration and switch to your new plate will be prorated depending on how many months you have remaining on your registration, and your new renewal date will be effective for one year from the date of upgrade to your new plate.

May I personalize my plate?

Upon the initial pre-order on this site, you may not personalize your plate. However, once the initial order of plates has been turned into the Department of Revenue, you may go to the following link, complete a personalized application and send in your remittance along with the application to the address indicated on the form.

I live outside of Tennessee, may I still pre-order a plate?

You may pre-order a plate if you have a vehicle registered in the state of Tennessee. However, you may not pre-order a plate if you live outside of Tennessee, and your vehicle is not registered in Tennessee.

May I pre-order more than one plate if I have multiple vehicles registered in Tennessee?

Of course! You may pre-order multiple plates using the pre-order process on the previous page.

What does the $35 purchase of this plate benefit?

$15.375 of every plate purchased is given to HoneybeeTn.

Are there any scenarios in which I may receive a refund?

The only scenario in which you will receive a refund is if we do not receive 1,000 pre-orders by June 30, 2018. In such a scenario you would receive a refund of $35 but the $2.10 credit card processing fee would not be refunded.  No refunds will be made for any other scenario.

May I pre-order a handicapped/disabled driver version of this plate?

For any drivers who are approved and have documentation for handicapped plates, your local county clerk will provide you with a sticker to place in the bottom corner of the plate that will provide the appropriate notice and has the exact function of the formerly issued handicapped/disabled driver plates.

May I pre-order a plate with an alternate payment method?

A debit or credit card is required to pre-order a plate on this website. If you would like, you may wait until the plates are in production and available at your local county clerk’s office and purchase it there with the payment methods they accept. However, it may be 4-6 months before they are available and the purchase is subject to available supplies at each county clerk’s office. Additional info:

By ordering the special Honeybee Tennessee license plate, Tennessee residents can show their support for the mission of Honeybee Tennessee to educate communities on the important role honeybees play in agriculture and in our environment. Honeybee Tennessee seeks to inspire Tennesseans to take action to protect, preserve and foster the states honeybee population.